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Welcome to Meditrak, Medicals Direct Group's online request and tracking system.

Additional search options - 13/06/2010

To improve the facilities available to customers to track cases, new search parameters have been added to the Nurses and Tele-interview modules of Meditrak. This brings them into line with the existing search options in the Doctors module..

1) Users can search on the Medicals Direct reference number
2) Users can search on the status of the cases, selected from a drop-down list. This means that, in addition to running pipeline and update reports which list cases at a certain status, a similar list of cases can be viewed in a search results grid. Users can then use the grid hyperlinks to examine each case in turn, adding a comment if appropriate.

As with the existing search criteria, the new search on case status can be linked with other parameters - for example, to return cases at a given status for a particular team

Meditrak tracking upgrade

On 14 March 2010 we shall be implementing some changes to Meditrak in response to user feedback.

These changes are designed to provide enhanced immediate visibility to new case requests and comments on our Nurse Screenings and Tele-interviewing modules together with greater information over the status of the case.

Currently, any new requests or added comments only become visible on Meditrak once processed by our administration team. Prior to this they are held in an internal task queue pending the appropriate action

To improve visibility this, the enhancement will contain two improvements...

1) In the Nurse Screenings module, searching for a case will not only return those which are in process (as at present) but also those which were recently submitted and are awaiting allocation to a nurse. The latter will appear in search result lists with the status ‘New request awaiting processing’. Tele-interview cases are not queued, so they are visible immediately anyway.
2) In both Nurse Screenings and Tele-interviewing, messages from insurers (‘Add Comment’) which have not yet been processed will appear in a grid above the case history, in the Case Detail screen. This will be labelled ‘Comments awaiting processing’.

A further small enhancement will also be included to assist with case tracking, in that the status and Next Action Date (the ‘diary date’ on which the case is next due for review or action) will be visible on the detail screen.

Finally, we are making an enhancement to the medical picker when adding a case for screenings to display the textual description(s) of the exams and/or tests as they are selected. We realise that many power users are very familiar with the codes and format for our exam combinations and value the ability to type the combination in directly. This facility will remain, however, those who are less familiar use the ‘picker’ and some have reported problems with keeping track of what components they’ve selected so far therefore additional information will be displayed as exam and test components are ‘picked’ to summarise when adding a new case.

01/02/2010 - Data Retention Policy

In compliance with Data Protection legislation, Medicals Direct (MDG) implements a Data Retention policy. This policy ensures that no personally identifiable data is held in our systems for periods longer than those essential for business purposes.

Except in rare instances where we have a statutory obligation to retain such data for longer, the following procedures exist.

Personally identifiable data is retained for a rolling 13 months. At the beginning of each month any data which is older than this is moved to an archive, where it is stored for statistical purposes. During this process all fields which contain information which could allow the identification of an individual are ‘sanitised’ – i.e. the data is replaced with non-identifiable values.

Medical and interview reports, which often contain potentially more sensitive information about individuals, are removed completely at the beginning of each month, 3 months after the report has been sent to the customer. Any medical data held in databases is also sanitised at this point, rather than waiting the 13 months mentioned above.

A full copy of the MDG Data Retention Policy is available on request.

22/11/2009 - Tele-interviews – arranging an appointment

A major enhancement has been made to Tele-interview ordering in Meditrak. It is now possible for insurers, agents or proposers to book an appointment on line.

When you use Meditrak to add a case, instead of the new request being routed to an order queue and becoming visible later that day, it will now be visible immediately.

On the ‘Add Case’ confirmation screen, a new button is present – ‘Add Appointment’. Clicking on this will allow you to book an appointment date and time for the interviewer to call the proposer. It is important that this information is relayed to proposers so that they are available to take the call at the chosen date and time.

You can also use this button if you search for a previously entered case and view the case detail screen.

The proposer (or his/her agent) can also book on line by visiting There they will find a button which allows the online booking of an appointment. They will be required to enter their policy number, date of birth and postcode to log on – information which should be known to proposer and/or agent.

A facility exists for a confirmation e-mail to be sent to an address entered at the time the booking is made.

Where we have been unable to contact the proposer to arrange an appointment, the ‘chase letter’ which we subsequently send will inform the proposer that they can, if they wish, use the online booking facility.

Finally, please remember that any appointment which you book must be suitable for, and passed to, the proposer. Failure to do so may result in a wasted appointment and cause your company to incur ‘DNA’ charges.

User Guides

Insurers can download the user guide using the following links..

Client User Guide in Word Format

Client User Guide in PDF Format

Doctors using DocTrak for automated appointment management can download their user guide using the following links..

DocTrak User Guide in Word Format

DocTrak User Guide in PDF Format

Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our IT department on: 0208 416 1535